Wire Conveyor Belts

At DH Supplies we offer a range of wire conveyor belts along with their associated drive components and joining equipment. The different belts available include: -

  • Flat Wire

  • Honeycomb

  • Spiral Woven

  • Ladder Belts

  • Plate Link

Wire belting can be found in the manufacturing chain in lots of sectors to include: -

  • DH Supplies Automotive
  • DH Supplies Ceramics
  • DH Supplies Construction
  • DH Supplies Chemical
  • DH Supplies Food & Drink
  • DH Supplies Glass
  • DH Supplies Heat Treating / Forging
  • DH Supplies Pharma
  • DH Supplies Print
  • DH Supplies Textiles
  • DH Supplies Waste Industry

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