Homogenous Belts

More and more businesses are choosing homogenous belts or monolithic belts.

With the option of being positively driven, extremely hygienic and easy-to-clean, more food-based companies are looking at ways to change over to this style of product.


Positive Drive Food-grade Conveyor Belts

Positive drive belts (or sprocket driven belts) combine the benefits of modular belts and mono-material conveyor belts without the drawbacks of hygiene issues:

Optimised functionality

  • DH Supplies No risk of slippage
  • DH Supplies Assembly without tensioning reduces effort on the mechanical components
  • DH Supplies No need for tensioning devices
  • DH Supplies Lightweight belt
  • DH Supplies Silent operation
  • DH Supplies Excellent resistance to tears and abrasion
  • DH Supplies Moulded teeth are part of the material itself

Maximum levels of hygiene

  • CE – FDA food-grade compliance

  • FDA approved belt

  • Mono-material is waterproof and rot-proof

  • Easy and quick to clean

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Option to add a scraper if required


Decrease in sanitary risks

  • Decreased risk of bacterial growth

  • No fabric threads eliminate the risk of product contamination

  • No risk of contamination with broken modules

  • Simple conveyor design means better hygiene


Reduction in operating costs

  • Increased life cycle

  • Quick and effective cleaning without dismantling the conveyors

  • A decrease in water consumption and detergent products

  • Reduction in maintenance costs

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