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Choosing the right belting supplier is key to any paper printing, folding, finishing, converting and sorting facility. These operations rely heavily on their belting supplier to be able to provide them with quality products, in addition to exceptional service and deliveries.

DH Supplies has partnered with the industry’s leading specialists to offer a broad range of products that include feeder belts, machine tapes, timing belts, drive belts or packaging conveyors.

DH Supplies can provide our paper converting customers with belting solutions for every application, in addition to keeping our customers informed of the newest products available to the industry.

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​ Featured Products

  • DH Supplies Wear-resistant rubber and thermoplastic belt covers
  • DH Supplies High-grip covers
  • DH Supplies Timing belts with profiles (made to OEM specifications)
  • DH Supplies Feeder Belts
  • DH Supplies Finger spliceable folder belts and printing tapes
  • DH Supplies Nylon core belting
  • DH Supplies Perforated belts for vacuum applications

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