Food Conveyor Belts

Food Processing Conveyor Belts - Meat and Poultry

DH Supplies offers a full range of food conveyor belts for our UK and Irish-based customers. These food grade belts cover every area of a processing plant: Receiving, Evisceration, Cut-Up, Debone, Trimming, Slicing, Shredding, IQF, Grilling, Further Processing, Frying, Batter/Breading and Packout.

We are experts on every application within a meat processing facility and continually offer new products to our customers that help them with decreased downtime, increased throughputs and ease of operation.

We also understand the need for service, both during the normal workweek and after hours. DH Supplies is dedicated to servicing the food-producing sector by offering quality products at a competitive price with product knowledge and service that far surpasses our competition.

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Featured Products

  • DH Supplies Hygenic Thermoplastic Belting
  • DH Supplies Motorized Pulleys
  • DH Supplies High-Temperature Belting Materials
  • DH Supplies Impact and Cut Resistant Belting Materials
  • DH Supplies Edge Sealed or Encapsulated Belting
  • DH Supplies Approved Belt Styles and Materials
  • DH Supplies Anti-Microbial Belt Materials

Food Grade Conveyor Belt - Baking

Within the baking and confectionery industries, DH Supplies has the application know-how and quality range of food conveyor belts to be the

perfect supplier for original equipment manufacturers, while also providing the necessary day-to-day service to meet end-users’ demands.

Forming, moulding, elongating, rounding, proofing, cutting and enrobing are just some of many baking processes for which we commonly provide belting solutions. Many of these processes require very special belt surface characteristics.

DH Supplies has proven itself to be an industry leader in all types of industrial food grade conveyor belts, materials and profiles to meet all baking application requirements.

Featured Products

  • DH Supplies High Release Cover Surfaces
  • DH Supplies High Friction Cover Surfaces
  • DH Supplies High-Temperature Belt Materials
  • DH Supplies Small (Knife-Edge) Transfers
  • DH Supplies Non-Fray Belting Materials
  • DH Supplies Non-Wicking, Non-Cracking Belt Surfaces
  • DH Supplies Unreinforced Belting Materials
  • DH Supplies Anti-Microbial Belt Materials
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Conveyor Belts - Beverage Production

DH Supplies knows that at the heart of any successful beverage operation is its conveyor systems. Regardless of the scope of your production or the materials used in your process, the experts at DH Supplies can provide a solution that will not only streamline your workflow but provide unparalleled reliability.

Whether you’re a small startup operation or a full-scale production facility, DH Supplies is equipped to supply your business with not only the correct components for your operation but quality equipment that will keep you in worry-free production for years to come.

We understand the complexity involved in the various stages of the beverage processing industry and have the knowledge and skill to keep your operation running at peak efficiency.

When choosing DH Supplies as your conveyor system supplier, you have peace of mind knowing that our expertly trained technicians are always available to assist you 24 hours a day to eliminate unnecessary downtime.

Featured Products

  • DH Supplies Tabletop Chain
  • DH Supplies Plastic and metal
  • DH Supplies Belt for accumulation conveyors
  • DH Supplies Pasteurising tunnels
  • DH Supplies Shrinkwrap tunnels
  • DH Supplies Palletiser conveyors (i.e. rough-top and distribution belts)
  • DH Supplies Plastic modular belting (mould to width and wider belt applications)
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